Kunst & Kürbis

Farm festival with around 80 art and culinary exhibitors

Our annual farm festival for the pumpkin harvest

When When will Kunst & Kürbis 2024 take place?

27.09 from 14-19 o’clock

28.09 from 10-19 o’clock

29.09 from 10- 18 o’clock


Hofgut Sickertshofen
Sickertshofen 1
85247 Schwabhausen

How much is the entrance fee for Kunst und Kürbis 2024?

Adults: 6 €

Groups: 4 €

Students & pupils over 18 years: 3 €
Disabled persons: 3 €
Severely disabled persons and accompanying person are free of charge
Children under 18 free admission



Kunst &Kürbis 22 – 24.9.2023

Accompanying cultural program


Schönbrunn Wind Ensemble 14.30, 16.30, 17.30

Entire Venue

Klezmer music with Massel Tov 16.00 17.00 18.00 in the church


Stilt theater and children’s theater –

unfortunately only Saturday & Sunday



Schönbrunn Wind Ensemble

10.30,12.00 ,13.30,13.30, 16.30 (17.45) Court grounds

Landsberg stilt theater 11.30, 13.00, 15.30

Entire Venue

Klezmer music with Massel Tov 12.30 14.00 16.00 in the church

Piccolinos children’s theater

Orangery 12.00 14.30 17.00


Schönbrunn Wind Ensemble

12.00, 13.00, 15.30, 16.30, 17.00

Piccolinos children’s theater

Orangery 12.30 14.00 16.00

Landsberg stilt theater 11.30, 15.00, 16.30

Permanent program:

Fri – Sun

Drum and calabash school East side pumpkin hall

Pumpkin carving for children East side pumpkin hall (5-7 € / pumpkin)

We wish you a wonderful time in the countryside!

Your Loock family

You can look forward to…

Culinary diversity

Many exhibitors will be happy to spoil you with a wide variety of delicacies

Enchanting ambience

Interesting facts and topics about art and pumpkins in the unique ambience of Hofgut Sickertshofen.

Accompanying cultural program

Entertainment is provided, from a corn maze with interesting facts about pumpkins to pumpkin carving for children and musical accompaniment.


Pumpkin cultivation – tips


Location & space requirements

  • Climbing plants need at least 4 square meters of space.
  • Non-vining plants (zucchini, rondini, Halloween, etc.) are content with 1 square meter.
  • If there is a lack of space, you can also offer the pumpkin plants a framework. Ornamental pumpkins and calabashes are popular climbing Cucurbitaceae.
  • To guarantee a good yield, you should grow at least 2 plants of the same variety.

  • Pumpkins love humus-rich soil and, as their origin in warm countries suggests, a sunny, sheltered location. They take care of themselves in the shade and do not or hardly set at all.

  • A compost heap as a planting site is often too rich in humus, so that the plant “shoots up” too much and sets fruit too late, which may then no longer ripen. In this case, it makes sense to mix the compost heap with a layer of soil or place the plants to one side.



  • From the beginning of April in pots or in mid-May directly in the open ground; the planting site should be enriched with compost or rock flour.
  • In case of night frost, the young plant should be protected with fleece;
  • Place pre-grown plants (2 cotyledons, 1 leaf) outside after the Ice Saints; water the root area before planting out to ensure that all roots survive transplanting undamaged;
  • Transplanting, i.e. changing location and temperature, causes enough stress anyway!
  • Attention: Pumpkin seedlings are very popular with snails!

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Hofgut Sickertshofen
Sickertshofen 1
85247 Schwabhausen


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